Affiliate Program

Increase revenue from your site offers in ScontoPlaza.

ScontoPlaza offers a fully automated system to raise revenue from your site with just a few lines of HTML code in your site !


Provide an opportunity for visitors to your web site to buy Sconto vouchers and create passive income for your company.

How does the ScontoPlaza affiliate program work?

  • By placing a few lines of html-code on your web site you can become an affiliated to ScontoPlaza. We offer a fully automated system to maximize the potential for increasing your income through our affiliate partners program.
  • The program is avalaible to all owners of websites with registered companies. For websites with a high amount of visitors per day, we offer special conditions for partnership.
  • ScontoPlaza promotes daily offer packages (deals), for which we can achieve an extremely high percentage of conversions.
  • For every purchase made through your website, we pay out a respectable amount of commission which often represents 50% of our earnings.

Why choose an affiliate program with ScontoPlaza?

  • Generous commissions, depending on the volume of sales for each specific deal.
  • ScontoPlaza is a fully functional user friendly geo target platform. Through our daily deals covering all cities you will realize a respectable amount of income.
  • By participating to the ScontoPlaza affiliate program you generate a Long-term passive income. The users of your website are "marked" and for every purchase they make through your website you will receive the relevant commission.
  • Banners with attractive design are served and displayed by one of the most modern collocation center in Cyprus at lightning speed without delay.